orange sliced

I spent about 13 years in Texas. I spent about 5 years in Florida. I spent about 5 years in Arizona.

Oranges were grown in all three states. I was able to buy fresh squeezed orange juice in the grove areas of Texas. I also consumed Texas oranges. Texas oranges are my favorite.

My brother in-law’s son married the daughter of the owner of an orange grove near Tampa, Florida. My understanding is that that grove has now been sold for a million, or millions. I learned a little about the strategy, which grove owners use, when a freeze happens.

When we lived in Arizona, we passed orange groves over a hundred times a year. [1] There’s a type of orange called “Arizona sweets”. I stopped at an orange market, and saw the oranges, but I have never tasted one. I have picked oranges off the tree in Arizona, which were as sour as they could possibly be. They are really inedible.

Clementines are very sweet.

There’s a $250 fine for unauthorized picking of oranges in Arizona.

An orange sells for about 50 cents in Pittsburgh in most grocery stores. However, I can buy oranges for 25 cents at a store near our townhouse, and they are high quality, name brand, oranges.

Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic. An orange contains about 60 milligrams of vitamin C. The recommended daily amount of vitamin C is about 100 milligrams. So, if you eat two oranges a day, it will help cure infections, et cetera.

Vitamin C in Foods



Oranges are just one of my many blessings.



[1] Oranges Next Year’s Crop

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