Photo Friday | From Soup to Nuts

This puts us in perspective

Car middle snow

Vitamin C

Rose yellow

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – January 20, 2011 –

I have a couple pictures for Friday. The top picture is a time lapse photo video. It puts us here in a location on earth in perspective with the rest of the universe. We are in the milky way galaxy, which is just one of many galaxies. No boundaries to the universe have been discovered. The images you see in the sky now, are not current. It took a long time for those images to appear.

Our area is covered with snow. It came down as a light powder.

I have an ear infection. I’m trying to treat it with vitamin C, among other things. It’s not getting any worse, but it isn’t much better either. If I succeed in healing it, I’ll let you know. In case you don’t hear from me: I dropped dead!

My daughter sent the yellow rose to my wife. I like it just as much as I would a bouquet of a dozen yellow roses, which we have had on several occasions. There was no special occasion. She was in the area, and dropped by to give it to her mother.

Life is good!


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