GOP: Obama's budget a "road map to Greece"

Weekly Republican Address 2/18/12 Rep. Cathy McMorris

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 19, 2012 –

The President is a mental pygmy, and is hooked on ideology.

    "If we keep on going like this, the consequences will be devastating," McMorris Rodgers said. "The president's budget isn't a blueprint for America; it's a road map to Greece."

    As this week marked the third anniversary of the stimulus package, McMorris Rodgers used the opportunity to remind voters that the stimulus defied Democrats' expectations of keeping unemployment below 8 percent, which is what the White House projected. As unemployment peaked at 10 percent and currently sits at 8.3 percent, McMorris Rodgers portrayed the president as a man full of false expectations.

The media keeps talking about 8.3 percent unemployment. The unemployment was 15% in January 2012 according to the CBO. The unemployment rate was 16%, in January 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I find it annoying.

Mr. Nice Guy

    In his weekly address from a Boeing plant in Everett, Washington, President Obama discussed one aspect of his budget proposal. He touted his plan to revive the manufacturing sector and return jobs back to the U.S.

Hidden Evil

President Obama is a Democrat. He manipulates, regulates, tricks, deceives, misrepresents, and provides misinformation. His party and the National Labor Relations Board attempted to put Boeing in harms way. That, is the dirty secret.


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