Margaret Thatcher Jr. | Sarah Palin

The Voice of Conservatives

15 minute video

The Whole Thing

37 minute video

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 12, 2012 –

Sarah is a breath of fresh air! Instead of listening to the depressing words of Axelrod and President Obama, about how we cannot read a letter in military religious services, in violation of our free speech. Or listening to President Obama telling how free Obamacare contraceptives should be accepted by Catholic clergy. According to President Obama, the Catholic clergy should not believe that Obamacare contraception is killing.

The Catholic clergy have not acquiesced. We have a court system, which will decide, unless President Obama tries to stop a decision. A declaration of martial law could derail a US Supreme Court decision and the November 2012 election.

Sarah Palin has good ideas. Attacks on her character are dishonest. Attacks are a trick to demean her excellent ideas. Her ideas are excellent!


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