President Obama Promised Transparency–He is Transparent

Student Loans

AttributionSome rights reserved by Bob Jagendorf

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 1, 2012 –

The people in the image above are not an asset to the United States economy. They made an agreement, and they do not want to live up to their agreement. President Obama caters to these types of people, and their votes. President Obama has several groups, who he panders to, and tries to use government money and influence to buy votes. Franklin D. Roosevelt had the Works Progress Administration, which bought him votes. President Obama uses student loans as a vote buying tool.

President Obama stated that these groups are the reason he ran for office. He should have ran for office to fix the economy, not tear it down. President Obama should have concentrated on growing the economy with genuine ideas to promote free enterprise. Instead of letting the car companies go broke, and letting free enterprise grow, he catered to the unions, which is another group, which he uses to buy votes. President Obama almost always comes down on the side of dispensing the fruits of labor to “takers”.

President Obama did make a feeble attempt at growing the “green energy” industry. He could not foresee accurately, the potential for these enterprises, and they are turning out to be failures. He announced his bent to reduce if not eliminate the use of coal in the production of electricity. The price of electricity will skyrocket he predicted. Electricity and everything else has increased, and he can’t blame the things I’ve mentioned in this article on Bush.

So President Obama, the vote buyer, likes Occupy Wall Street. President Obama, the vote buyer, likes unions. President Obama made a mistake(s), when he made feeble attempts at growing an industry.

President Obama's weakness: He is not an entrepreneur, to put it mildly.
He is a vote buyer, from Occupy Wall Streeters, unions, immigrants, et cetera.
These things are transparent.



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