Not Only is President Obama Not the Messiah | It Turns Out That He is Ignorant

Dunce campaign 2012

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Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – February 2, 2012 –

Do you remember the bus tours, with President Obama riding around in $million busses shouting “Pass it now”?

Then there’s Solyndra. $500 million wasted, Democrat campaign fund skullduggery, and not jobs added, but over 1000 jobs subtracted.

Almost on the heels of that, 3 green job projects, down the tubes. Drip, Drip, Drip: Yet Another Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Hits the Skids (the third this week!)

This is not parting the waters and walking through the Red Sea!

Then there’s the lavish life style. A plane ride to New York for entertainment. Michelle’s trips; to Spain, and to Africa. $million busses, and $trillion spending. The deficit will be $1 trillion on President Obama’s watch. The Congressional Budget Office has revised the gross domestic product downward and unemployment upward for 2012. Congressional Budget Office reports another $1 trillion deficit

President Obama’s title should be Barack Trillion Obama.

This is nothing new. President Obama has been operating this way since the 1980’s. The community organizer has been able to get his ignorant ideas funded, but his ideas have been a waste. I challenge anyone to cite a major capitalist success of President Obama. By the same token, one could cite Obamacare as a monument to leading the nation into Marxist ideals.

President Obama has lead the country toward “spreading the wealth around”. The lights of the shining city on a hill are growing dimmer on President Obama’s watch.


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