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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 29, 2011 –

This is not the best of all possible pictures, but it illustrates what I wanted to convey. The interior LED lights in a Journey are beautiful. The paint on the outside the rear door is bright silver, which doesn’t show up at night. It contrasts with the white LED lights inside the car. The white LED light lights up the whole interior of the car, front and back.

There’s a LED light under the front door, which lights the area outside the driver’s door. There isn’t one under the rear door, but I suppose there is one under the passenger door. The light from the driver’s door does light up the area outside the rear door.

While I was out taking the picture, I looked at some of the other screen information. The temperature of the coolant is displayed. The temperature of the motor oil is displayed. The temperature of the transmission fluid is displayed, and that’s all I looked at.

We are scheduled to have the “remote start” feature installed on January 3rd. We could have had it installed before the 25th, but we decided to wait, and I’m glad we did. Our son is here from Scottsdale, Arizona, and we wanted to have our car available. He’s going back to Arizona on Saturday December 31, 2011.


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