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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 12, 2012 –

President Obama does not represent people of faith. It is tyranny to impose contraception on Catholics and others. It is tyranny to order Chaplains to not read a letter to congregants in church services. President Obama should be removed.

There are multiple lawsuits concerning attacks on freedom of religion. There is something extremely wrong when the President of the United States attacks religious freedom.

The National Defense Authorization Act 2012 has given birth to new litigation regarding trial by jury. Any person who voted for NDAA 2012 should be removed from government.

President Obama does not protect and defend the Constitution. The President has publicly stated his views. He does not like the idea of campaign contributions by corporations…even though the Supreme Court has found corporate campaign contributions to be legal. The Constitution does not require social justice…take from the rich and give to the poor. President Obama does not like the Constitution’s requirements. President Obama likes the idea of government control of health care. We’ll soon find out what the Supreme Court says in that regard. President Obama… as the executive branch of the government… has a duty to execute immigration laws. He has not done so. President Obama decided…on his own…that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. The President does not…and should not…have the power to declare laws unconstitutional.

The Constitution intended for congress to legislate. Executive orders have made legislation by presidents possible. Congress is not doing their job by allowing this practice to take place. A tyrant is enabled to impose his ideas… instead of  the ideas of the people being represented by the legislature.

The Constitution did not intend for the EPA to be able to fine private citizens $37,000 a day for violation of EPA wetland regulations.

The Constitution provides people with the fruits of their labor.

Spreading the wealth around is a communist leaning idea. 

Moving student loans out of the private sector and into government control…so that student votes can be manipulated by the executive branch… is a Communist leaning idea. It certainly isn’t a capitalist idea.

The Constitution did not intend for a tyrant to be able to legislate and make judicial decisions.


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