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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 6, 2012 –

I’m no Einstein or statistician…I’m just a retired truck driver. In my mind…President Obama has cost this country millions of jobs. I saw evidence first hand in Detroit, Michigan. I saw illegals in factories there. I saw Illegals in the trucking industry. I read about Illegals working in meat packing houses. It sticks in my mind that there are about 12 million Latino illegal immigrants. I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona…and observed illegals in the Wal-Mart parking lot…making themselves available for work. So, although I’m not as intelligent as President Obama, I have made observations

In my mind…illegals remove quite a few jobs from the job market. In Scottsdale…illegals were all over the city. They had government jobs…such as highway repair workers. They had jobs in the public schools. There are a bunch of landscapers nationwide…I talked to one in Cranberry, Pennsylvania last year.

Imagine…give the 12 million jobs illegals are engaged in…to legal citizens, who are drawing unemployment. Again…in my mind…I’m not too sure all the unemployed want to work. They would rather go on an unemployed vacation…so to speak. They are government dependent, and have come to enjoy fleecing the people in this country, who want to work…like truck driving owner operators. The 12 million people, who are unemployed, collect a chunk of change from the United States government. Think. President Obama likes to pander to Illegals, so they will go along with his plans…which fleece our nation…but get him votes.

I’m aware that President Obama has brought Palestinians into the United States in large numbers. He has brought large numbers of Muslims into the United States. So, that increases the total number of jobs engaged in…by illegals and primarily Muslims. These people really take property and jobs from the rest of us. I know the word property does not mean much to many citizens. Here’s how it works. You work. Your paycheck is the fruit of your labor. The money is your property. If the government takes part of your money, they are taking your property. If the government causes 12 million illegals to take United States jobs, and you pay 12 million unemployed to stay home. It will eat up part of your paycheck. President Obama is sending money to Syria, and plans to send more. His actions will eat up part of your property…one way or another.

President Obama rode around in his $million buses shouting “Pass it now”! Now, think. His  activities put your property…the fruits of your labor…at risk. He could have tried to reduce payments to the unemployed by reducing the number of illegals …and immigrants to this country.

President Obama does not protect and defend the United States constitution. His actions do not protect property.

You must protect your property, and the Constitution...and to the Republic for which it stands.


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