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news may 3, 2012

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 3, 2012 –

Texas, California, and Wisconsin have something in common…or lack thereof.

Texas is one of the most business friendly states. California is one of the worst business friendly states.

Wisconsin has been the location of union-government turmoil.

The thing that they all have in common…or lack thereof is: Leaning Communist.

Texas is one of the least communist leaning states…hence…it is one of the most business friendly states. Being a business friendly state shows up in the finances of the state. Texas stands heads and shoulders above California in its state financial health. A healthier financial state is more pleasant to live in. In other words, there is more LIFE, LIBERTY, and pursuit of happiness. Business property is more protected in Texas…than it is in California. Texas can take pride in its achievement.

California…being a Communist leaning state…is a less pleasant place to live. The state’s finances are a disaster. The government of California ignores the more miserable state of affairs, and does nothing to correct the influence of unions. Unions have more power in California…than they do in Texas. The government of California is leaning communist. I heard a college president make derogatory comments about Apple…yesterday…he wants Apple to provide more money to his college!

Communists in Los Angeles

There has been a report that the Wisconsin teacher’s unions…have been in cahoots with Communists and anarchists. The Wisconsin protests were a precursor to Occupy Wall Street. There was a strategy…legislators leave the state…death threats…and union participation:






The teacher’s unions do not deny the Communist, anarchist connections.

May day protesters

You’re the reason I ran for office

Its interesting to observe what’s going on behind the scenes.


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