President Obama | Exploits Public Ignorance

gene tew

Attribution: By Gene Tew with permission

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 2, 2012 –

There was a legal proceeding in New Jersey. The videos of that proceeding are available now, but I have read reports that efforts to scrub those videos are taking place. It is my understanding that lawsuits have been filed to scrub the videos. Not only that…there have been death threats. Videos of the legal proceeding in New Jersey. Obama’s lawyer is an attractive young female. I have watched all three videos… it is evident that her goal is to allow President Obama to get on the ballot in New Jersey… regardless of the lack of proof that he is qualified to be president.

Judge Maslin agreed.

President Obama has already won a similar case in Georgia. The Georgia primary is over. The New Jersey primary is June the 5th. There is a lawsuit in Florida regarding President Obama being on the ballot there. Arizona is among several other states, which are challenging the right to put President Obama on the ballot.

I have read reports that President Obama’s lawyer does admit that the birth certificate posted on the White House web site is a fake. As I say…my understanding is: President Obama is attempting to have this information removed. This link is to an obscure web site, because there were no links to main stream media easily available. Many of the cases cite Minor v. Happersett, a U.S. Supreme Court opinion from 1875 that said a “natural born citizen” would be a person whose parents both were citizens. President Obama’s father was not a US citizen.

So, President Obama is not interested in openness and transparency…he is interested in just the opposite. There’s a name for this type of behavior: hypocrisy. We heard about openness and transparency… ad nauseum… in the 2008 campaign. Now, President Obama is a traitor to his own campaign ideas. He’s trying to hide what actually took place in a New Jersey courtroom. The public remains ignorant, if President Obama succeeds in hiding events. 

Obama lawyer New Jersey

This is a screen shot of President Obama’s lawyer. The words at the top of the screen shot:

The lawyers representing Obama are clearly attempting to re write history by claiming that the videos of the hearing have caused their employees and firm to be threatened and, because of this, should be removed.

You can watch all three videos below:

President Obama is not interested in openness and transparency…in fact…he is interested in hiding these videos.

He may succeed…I might add.


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