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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 20, 2012 –
What the United States needs is growth and increased revenue…not tax increases. Marxist ideas will not stimulate growth or government revenue. Capitalism, free enterprise, free markets, and competition will. President Reagan increased government revenue.
The United States will lose tax revenue as long as it is not competitive. Facebook co-founder rejects claims he renounced US citizenship to avoid taxes Steve Wynn, a billionaire casino operator, who has property in Las Vegas, is another person…who sees an advantage to leaving the United States. Steve Wynn’s Great Rant: I’ll Take Chinese Politics Over Washington Anyday
Here’s ten companies, which have moved their financial operations to other countries in recent years. Link to website
The reason this article is being written is: I read in a Google+ post that Proctor and Gamble was moving their headquarters out of the United States. When I checked, I found that they are moving their beauty headquarters to Singapore.
China’s Wen Jiabao is trying to maintain or increase growth in China. The United States growth is anemic, in comparison to China.
It isn’t the constitution, the founders, and Republicans that are holding President Obama back. It’s his communist leaning ideology. He has the presidency and the Senate to work with…that’s more than the Republicans have.
Innovation…such as the iPhone…brings growth. Occupy Wall Streeters are not growth innovators. Yet, President Obama says they are the reason he ran for office.
Republicans Accuse Obama of Divisive Tactics, Call for 'Pro-growth' Policies

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