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Thomas Jefferson
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 4, 2012 –
The founders of the US Constitution were concerned about tyranny by factions. I am concerned about tyranny by factions.
There are Communist leaning factions in the United States. News Thursday May 3, 2012
One of the adjectives…which could be used to describe the Communist leaning faction…is ignorant.
They have a poor vocabulary. They use words found in the Urban Dictionary which do not appear in Merriam Webster’s dictionary.
Some have a good education, but have illogical ideas. They know that the Bolsheviks were a failure, they know that Greece is in dire straits, they don’t want to move to Venezuela or Cuba…but they want to drag down the United States by attempting their Utopian dream. They commit crimes, are unsanitary, violent, and evidence that they are God fearing is not apparent.
The Declaration of Independence refers to God four times:
"The posture of The Declaration of Independence is an appeal to heaven. And so it's really a beautiful thing if you put the four places that God is mentioned together in the declaration. He's mentioned as the maker of the laws of nature and of nature's God – which makes him a legislator. He's mentioned as the supreme judge of the world – which makes him a judge. He's mentioned as divine providence – which makes him an executive. And he's mentioned as the creator – which is like being a founder," Arnn explains.
They don’t protect property. They want to confiscate the property of the 1 percent to redistribute it to the 99 percent. President Obama supports a similar idea.
Take from the 1/4th and redistribute to the 3/4ths
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