President Obama: Has Gone From Walking on Water | To Running Scared


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 11, 2012 –

President Obama is now scared of money coming from overseas to help Republicans. In 2008, money came from overseas to help President Obama.

The President has gone from walking on water…stopping the oceans from rising…and causing a light to light up, which will tell voters to vote for him…to pandering to gays. Pandering to gays may not turn out to be rewarding for him. He elected to take a gamble. When he’s gambling, he’s scared. Talk about lights lighting up to tell voters to vote for him is gone. His campaign opener in Columbus, Ohio took place in a partially empty stadium.

Marriage is between a man and a woman. A relationship between two males, two females, or two whatever… is being used to obtain political benefits. Tax breaks are one of them. Health insurance benefits are another. I refer to these things as freebies. President Obama is going to allow a centuries old tradition of marriage… being between a man and a woman… to be hijacked by gays, lesbians, et cetera, for political gain. President Obama would change the Constitution…which has been around 235 years…if he could…but he can’t. President Obama would like to bypass congress, but in at least one case, he, and the EPA got shellacked. [1] Marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman in   42 states… that idea is not likely to go away.

Obamacare and SB 1070…the Arizona immigration law…are on the ropes…a Supreme Court Decision will be made prior to the election. Eric Holder may be tried for contempt of congress. There are numerous law suits relative to religious freedom being tried in the courts. [2] There’s the vision of the shellacking in the 2010 elections, which is not a distant memory.

The Tea Party is very much alive. The undoing of Senator Lugar confirmed that. The Tea Party has good ideas…or they wouldn’t be as powerful as they already are. President Obama has a foe in the Tea Party…which will oppose his Communist leaning ideas.

President Obama ought to be scared.


[1] EPA Gets Epic Smackdown form Supreme Court

[2] Battle Over Birth Control

      Catholic Business Group Sues Obama Administration Over HHS Mandate 

      Obama Has Succeeded In Reuniting Protestants And Catholics ...


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