Arizona Immigration Law | Initial Observations

Arizona supreme court discussion

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 27, 2012 –

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If the link to this article is examined, it will show that the link is to the Crescent News…Defiance, Ohio. Defiance, Ohio was my home town up until about 1960…I left when I was about 30 years old…and moved to Dallas, Texas. I spent about 13 years in Texas. I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for about 25 years…Spent several years in Hammond, Indiana…Lived about 5 years in Jacksonville, Florida…then spent about 6 years in Arizona, and now I’m back in Pittsburgh.

The Arizona Immigration Law is a constitutional issue. Obamacare is being decided as to whether it is constitutional. So, we have two cases where the constitutionality of the laws are being decided.

It is not necessary to read the article. The preliminary observations indicate that the Arizona law may be determined to be constitutional. The article indicates that this idea is somewhat a surprise to some people.

Progressives, President Obama included, maintain that the Constitution is subject to change and interpretation as a living document. The founders held that the Constitutions was a permanent set of rules, which could be changed according to the process specified in the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln was a Constitutionalist. Teddy Roosevelt was one of the first Presidents with Progressive ideas. Woodrow Wilson was strongly Progressive. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was as strongly, or more strongly progressive than Woodrow Wilson.

Dr. Larry Arnn…Hillsdale College President… says we can’t have it both ways. Video 

"A house divided against itself cannot stand.“ Abraham Lincoln


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