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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   – April 18, 2012 –


Last Friday… President Obama…

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has ramped up U.S. aid, including communications equipment and medical supplies, to Syria's opposition in hopes of accelerating the downfall of President Bashar Assad, officials said Friday.

There is no mention of Congress. Congress should authorize spending.

There are about 2.5 million Christians in Syria, Jews, and there are also moderate Muslim Alawites. The Alawites do not use the Koran, and partake of wine in religious ceremonies. President Assad is an Alawite.

If the Sunni and Shiite Muslims gain power in Syria, they will treat the Christians, Jews, and Alawites as infidels.

President Obama has extended aid to the Muslim radicals…and intends to increase that aid in the future.

Let’s take a look at this news from another angle. The President has imported Muslim voters into the United States. President Obama has put Israel in harm’s way, but many US Jews are likely to vote for President Obama anyway. A backlash against President Obama is unlikely. So, President Obama has succeeded in buying votes at taxpayer expense, and has borrowed money to do so. That borrowing increases the United State’s debt…and endangers the United States.

He has essentially thumbed his nose at Christians and Jews. How many Christians and Jews did he import into the United States? The answer is….Sweden imported Christians from the Middle East….more so than the United States.

This is not a pretty picture!




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