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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 3, 2012 –


The President of the United States didn’t like the US Supreme Court decision: Campaign-finance limits violate free speech

President Obama stated his ideas in a State of the Union speech.

Justice Alito reacted in negative way to President Obama’s State of the Union speech...where he referred to the campaign finance limits violate free speech.

Now, the President is publicly stating ideas… he is telling the justices to follow his advice in deciding whether Obamacare is constitutional.

The justices can do as they wish. They have lifetime tenure.

President Obama is trying to use his executive branch position to influence the judicial branch. It is not President Obama’s job to decide whether Obamacare is constitutional. It is a decision to be made by the US Supreme Court justices.

I’m guessing that Clarence Thomas, and others will react negatively to President Obama’s disregard for the Constitutional separation of power.

I would also point out that 34 Democrats in the House voted against Obamacare. President Obama could, and should, receive a negative reaction from them. I would suggest that David Axlerod consider this point.

President Obama has mentioned that the justices are judicial activists. The justices are not making law. They are deciding whether a US citizen can be forced to buy something.

The US Constitution states the rules.




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