Five Coal Powered Plants in Pennsylvania Closed | Five Refineries in New Jersey Closed


gene tew

Attribution: by Gene Tew with permission

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 28, 2012 –

I was listening to Glen Meakem on FM 104.7 Pittsburgh this morning. Glen Meakem’s words go beyond the Internet.  According to him… five coal fired plants in Pennsylvania, and five refineries in New Jersey have closed.

Barack Obama owns these events. Bush and Cheney didn’t cause coal fired plants to close. The recession didn’t cause the coal fired plants to close. Barack Obama, his administration, and the EPA did. The people didn’t ask for coal fired plants to be closed. Barack Obama and others chose to do it without authorization by the people. Barack Obama believes that he knows what is good for the people…and forces his ideas on the people…similar to the way King George III did prior to the revolution. Barack Obama predicted that the price of electricity will skyrocket.

Price of electricity will skyrocket

The EPA does not represent the people. The EPA does force their ideas on the people. Again, this is similar to the situation at the Boston Tea Party.

Now, lets talk about the price of gas. Barack Obama had a vision. The vision was green energy, wind power, solar power, pond scum, et cetera. The vision was not practical. We have a small amount of electricity being produced by wind. Solar power is less than a spectacular success. Pond scum, et cetera, are practically non existent. However, gas prices are up, and refineries are finding it impossible to deal with EPA regulation. Hence…5 refineries in New Jersey have closed. Oil refineries are no longer in a free market. They are in a government regulated market, which is tyrannical. Barack Obama will attempt to explain away the results of his blunders…but any clear thinking person can observe his results.

Barack Obama has put energy in the United States in harm’s way. Barack Obama is anti constitutional and anti Declaration of Independence. He does not believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He does not protect property. Coal property has been and is being destroyed. Energy production…such as the refinery industry… is being destroyed.


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