Wolfbilly | The Civil War was due to natural rights being deprived from slaves

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Omaha, Arkansas – April 12, 2012 –
And that my friend is when the country will finally wake up. I can't believe the US Military will support an unconstitutional power grab. Would he elicit military support from Russia, China, Iran, etc? Would liberals in the US side with them? Could it be WW III in the making, but contained within the US. I must be dreaming, I need to awaken, this must be a nightmare!
The state of the union may be similar to the state of the union in the 1850's and 1860's. The attempt then was to deny natural rights to the fruits of one's labor. Van Jones' Americans Arab Spring revolt...is an attempt to deny me, you, and others of their natural rights. The Bolsheviks fought for roughly 70 years to install Communism in Soviet Russia...and failed. So, our country may be in for a long term period of misery. Misery is the product of Marxism. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the product of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Wolfbilly… Isn't it ironic that the Civil War was due to natural rights being deprived from Slaves by their Aristocratic Owners? The potential war of 2013 would be due to natural rights being deprived from constitutionalists by their elected Aristocratic Owners! My nightmare continues -I pray for our Creator's assistance. Wolfman… Thank you for responding! Since I have removed the comments from my articles on Newsvine lately, I had hoped that Viners would figure out...as you have...that there are articles...such as this one...where comments can be made. What I'm leading up to...is that President Obama is truly ignorant. As you have so wisely pointed out...the potential war of 2013 would be...due to natural rights being deprived from constitutionalists by their elected Aristocratic officials. There are ominous clues:
  • The National Defense Authorization Act 2012, which denies trial by a jury.
  • President Obama's executive order, which makes total Presidential control of the United States possible.
  • The announcement by Van Jones of an Americans Arab Spring.
  • The alliance of President Obama with Occupy Wall Street.
  • There seems to be an alliance between Republicans and Democrats, which denies natural rights to citizens of the United States.
  • et cetera
I intend to write more articles, which will be posted on Newsvine with comments not allowed. Comments can be made on articles, where comments are allowed...such as this one. One of the next articles will be about the Democrats trying to keep slavery as a right in the United States, which resulted in an attack on Fort Sumter. Democrats started the Civil War, which was devastating. Their purpose was to deny the natural rights of citizens. They lost.   |Google+| clip_image002422222 Wolf Public Navigation Stream Public Friends Members only Family Members only Following Public Secret Members only Notifications Most posts appear in the stream link. Secret posts are available to secret members only in the secret link. |Facebook| Wolfie Wolf Public Wolf Den Members can view Reality Check Members can view Extraterrestrials Inter Dimensional Conference Room Members can view OBAMA IS AN IMPOSTER ..WE POST THE EVIDENCE HERE Open Ferocious Conservatives Open |Blogspot| Wolfie Public |Newsvine| Wolf Wolfman Public Dumbasses Secret Dumbasses only can access the dumbasses link. |Twitter| Wolf_Wolfman Public |Windows Live| Skydrive Click on link…Then click on Wolfman’s Skydrive at the top Music Recommend Panpipe |YouTube|Public dlw85257
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Sanyo Batteries
I’ve had Sanyo AA and AAA batteries for several months now, and I like them.
I’ve also noticed that they are a little larger in diameter than Energizer batteries.
I use them in my flashlight, mouse, camera, et cetera. They last a long time without recharging in the flashlight, mouse, and camera.

Tea Tree Oil
I purchased 1 oz. of Tea Tree oil for about $6.
Just a little dab, will do ya.
I had an ear canal infection about January 10. As of February 16, it’s completely cured.
Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic, and I used a lot of vitamin C during that time. I’m not talking pills, I’m talking clementine's, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, et cetera.
I used an ear syringe to flush out the ear canal, and I used hydrogen peroxide.
I put hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls inside my ear to prevent germs, etc. from getting onto my pillow and bed.
I was concerned about gangrene. If blood circulation is cut off, gangrene can result.
I also used “sweet oil” in my ear canal.
Getting back to Tea Tree Oil: They advertise that it is antibiotic, anti-fungus, and anti-virus. I applied it to various areas of my body, and it’s effective as far as I’m concerned