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April 20, 2012

Email has been sent ...with links to this article...to Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Jewish administrations. The Pope is aware of the situation, and is actively involved. The idea is to inform everybody...of how non Muslims are in danger of being killed in Syria...and how the killers are being supported by the United States.


I have sent the same message to my Arkansas Legislatures in the US Congress, to the So. Baptist Convention, and to select individuals.

To: Jihad Watch Director ; Huckpak ; Heritage Foundation

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 12:05 PM

Subject: Support of Rebels in Syria -

I am 100% against supporting the rebels in Syria. They are getting weapons from Saudi Arabia and other radical Muslim countries. The Turkish President, a radical Islamist, flew to South Korea to meet with President Obama and it was there that they agreed on helping the opposition in Syria. Assad and the military leaders as well as most leading families in Syria's economy are Alewites who do not recognize the Koran. The rebels are radical Islamists. This Administration has determined that any rebels in a dictatorship (and Syria is one, although moderate before, and now necessarily violent to keep the Islamists down) are necessarily for democracy. This is absolutely wrong !!!!! Even the most ignorant politician should realize that an opposition supported by the Saudi's can NOT be democratic. The last thing that the Islamic Saudi's would support would be a democracy next door!
Clinton supported the rebels in Egypt. Now the Muslim Brotherhood runs the Country. I still remember when Clinton, and other politicians were heaping praise upon these people, who where so false until they have achieved their evil goal. We are supporting the Islamic takeover in the Middle East and elsewhere. This results in the death and destruction of Christians in those countries. Following the 09/11 terrorist attack we allowed vast numbers of Muslims' to immigrate to the US. When the persecuted Christians in Iraq, and elsewhere flee these areas we offer no help. Sweden allowed more Christians to immigrate to their tiny country than we did here. A very serious issue which most Americans are not even aware of.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 15, 2012 –

President Obama…

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has ramped up U.S. aid, including communications equipment and medical supplies, to Syria's opposition in hopes of accelerating the downfall of President Bashar Assad, officials said Friday.

President Obama has done what a radical Muslim would do.

There is no mention of Congress. Congress should authorize spending.

There are about 2.5 million Christians in Syria, Jews, and there are also moderate Muslim Alawites. The Alawites do not use the Koran, and partake of bread and wine in religious ceremonies. President Assad is an Alawite.

If the Sunni and Shiite Muslims gain power, they will treat the Christians, Jews, and Alawites as infidels.

President Obama has extended aid to the Muslim radicals…and intends to increase that aid in the future.

I communicate with a retired university professor, who lives in Germany. He is not in favor of President Obama’s activities referred to above.

Professor messages

Wolfie Wolf

I believe you will disagree with Obama's actions in this link. If you do, I may state that you disagree with Obama's action in writing. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/obama-approves-aid-package-syrian-rebels-202241645.html

Obama approves aid package to Syrian rebels

US President Barack Obama has approved non-lethal US aid, including communications equipment and medicines for Syria's rebels, and plans to increase the package over time, a US official said Friday.

University professor

Yes, I am 100% against supporting the rebels. They are getting weapons from Saudi Arabia and other radical Muslim countries. As I just posted in Wolf Den, the Turkish Präsident, a radical Islamist, flew to South Korea to meet with Obama and it was there that they agreed on helping the opposition in Syria. As I pointed out before, Assad and the military leaders as well as most leading families in Syria's economy are Alewites who do not recognize the Koran. We (also here in Germany, including our state secretary of foreign affairs !!!!!) in the West always think that any rebels in a dictatorship (and Syria is one, although a moderate before, but now a violent one to keep the Islamists down) are necessarily for democracy. And here we are wrong !!!!! Even the most ignorant politician should realize that an opposition supported by the Saudis can NOT be a democratic one because supporting such an opposition in a neighboring country the Saudis would finally support people who would also start an opposition in Saudi Arabia.
Yes, just mention my opinion. The more you do it the better. I just find the West so ignorant in this respect. Just think of Clinton supporting the rebels in Egypt. Now the Muslim Brotherhoods run the Country. I still remember Clinton, and also German politicians, falling over backwards, praising these people, who are so false and schmeary until they have achieved their evil goal.
Have a great Sunday and I'll try to call within three days.
Alles Gute für dich und deine Familie :-)

Sent from my iPad

University professor

I do not remember whether I posted the following Information in Wolf Den or in a message to Da Wolfbilly. Another important argument against the Syrian opposition is the fact that Christians and even moderate Muslims had to escape when the rebels entered their villages. Most of them found refuge in the castlelike monasteries dating back to the Middle Ages. And they were relieved and HAPPY when Assad's soldiers liberated them and drove away the rebels. All this I know from first hand information given by Christian priests to the "Holy Land Secretary" here in Germany, which is under the administration of Franciscan monks. They are committed to the Christians in the Middle East, ever since St. Francis visited the Sultan of Damascus almost 800 years ago. Some of their monasteries have been in existence ever since !!!!! The Muslims have never destroyed them :-)

Wolf Wolfman

Thank you professor.

I plan to try to get the message... and your message out.

End professor messages


I am going to send a link to this article to Senator Casey. He is a Catholic... Christian.

I am going to send another email...including a link to this article... to Representative Jason Altmire...Pro-Life - Protectionist - Catholic - Christian - Straight

This article has been published to Blogspot, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Newsvine, and appears in search results on Google, Bing, Dogpile, et cetera.

Update Monday April 16, 2012

Message from the professor


I agree all the way to what you and I wrote. The number of Christians is debatable but it is between 2mill and 3mill, not counting the refugees from Iraq, though.

Good morning, when writing about the Alewites' ceremony you should include "bread"; they partake of bread and wine.

It is also important to mention that Syria welcomed at least 500.000 Christians from Iraq (some say 1 million, which I think might be true because their number has diminished so much in Iraq) whereas the US welcomes Muslims instead. I also mentioned before that little Sweden accepted 60.000 Christians from Iraq.

You should include the fact that the US accepted much fewer Christian Refugees than a small country like Sweden or evil Syria !!!! I think that is very important.

The Pope is informed about these things as the Catholic Church is very active there and the Franciscans keep him informed.

Take care,

The professor

End of quote

wolf wolfman

I'm going to try to contact members of the clergy about this article. I have already asked one of my friends, who doesn't do computer, to contact his pastor. I'm going to try to contact a couple local priests. I'm going to email a friend in the People's Republic of China, and request that she do the same. I have a friend in my secret group, who I will contact. The Internet will not do the job. Any contacts that will make the public aware are requested.

God Bless America

Update Tuesday April 17, 2012

The professor says it isn't necessary to send this article to the Pope...he is informed, but I will send the link to the Evangelical Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Methodist Headquarters, Baptist Headquarters, Presbyterian Headquarters, and Jewish Headquarters.




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