Mitt Romney | Said He Was a Progressive in 2002

Romney Progressive 2002

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 22, 2012 –

Mitt Romney in 2002: ‘My views are progressive’

So, we are facing a choice in the next election between a man who said, “I'm a progressive” in 2002…and super Progressive Barack Obama. Time is a factor here. Romney’s ideas may have changed since 2002. Barack Obama continues on the Progressive course to this day. In any case Progressivism is a communist idea.

I don’t like what Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have done to the United States. Basically all these people invaded property rights. They have eroded the property rights of individuals. The commune became the arbiter of property rights. For example, “the commune” took property by taxing, and redistributed it to the proletariat. In other words…they “took from the rich” and gave it to “the poor”.

Yes, Mitt Romney participated in “taking from the rich” and “giving to the poor” in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts commune took money from the rich and provided health care for the poor through government rules…or laws. Progressives and Mitt Romney believed in taking property through government, and redistributing it. Up until Theodore Roosevelt…property…the fruits of ones labor…belonged to the individual. That changed. Since Theodore Roosevelt, property is in peril. It is in peril of being confiscated by the government.

Allen West is right. Progressives advocate communes like the one Romney participated in in health care in Massachusetts. Progressives advocate taking money…that is property…from people’s income…for the purpose of redistributing it to the poor.

We have a choice. We can continue tolerating Progressivism, or we can oppose it. Allen West has made his choice…and I admire him for it. The Alinsky rule of ridicule is being employed…which is fine. The ridicule may come back to bite Progressives, such as Soledad O’Brien…and others… in the butt.

The Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia failed. The Progressives…and their anti property ideas…deserve the same fate.




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