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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – April 25, 2012 –

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President Obama participated in a “trick” on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

The trick started in 2007. Congress passed a bill…which made the student loan rate 3.4 percent. They intentionally set that rate to expire in 2012…during the 2012 Presidential campaign.

So candidate Obama made a speech to students in North Carolina about the student loan rate. He warned the students that the 3.4 percent student loan rate was about to expire, and that it could double. This sleazy tactic was welcomed with open arms by the students…dupes of the communist leaning Progressives, President Obama, et cetera.

This is dishonorable behavior.

The public is partially aware. Rush Limbaugh talked about this on his show yesterday.

Another point in this regard…dupes show addiction to irrational behavior. The expressions on the faces of the students in the image on this article, their vocal sounds, their mental capacity, et cetera…indicate a lack of self control. People addicted to nicotine…continue smoking in spite of imminent death. They know, or should know, that their behavior is harmful to their body, but they continue to harm their body.

The behavior of Obama speech crowds is similar. They are unwilling, or unable, to discern that they are willing dupes…and they are full of glee…while being kept as fools. They participate in their own demise.


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