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Barack Obama’s Vision of the Future


Omaha, Arkansas – April 14, 2012 –

Four more years of an Obama Administration will be the final chapter in the death of America as we know it. His obvious goal is to bring a new era of Aristocratic control over Americans. He will continue to "spread the wealth", bankrupting the source of that wealth. This will work for some time, but when the wealth, and wealthy have left America, only the Aristocrats in government will be the benefactors of Obamanomics. The utopia some envision will be short lived, followed by poverty on a scale this country has never known. There will be minimal health care, and minimal food distribution. Basic necessities  will be available to loyalists, but loyalty will be demanded… to receive such things.

The economic depravity would lead to unrest by the majority, which would be advantageous for the implementation of Islamic Jihad, which they have very successfully implemented in other countries… who were undergoing similar turmoil. America will then be lowered to the equivalent of other third world countries, and we would of necessity bow to their rules. If you study Obama's background, where and how he was raised, it becomes evident that he wishes, as he said, to "change" American to what, in his view, is its place in the new world order. Perhaps you will think that this is the fair and just future America deserves, perhaps that is what it is.

I disagree that we can't once again be a great hope for the world. I really believe that the majority of Americans feel this way as well. If we continue to destroy ourselves, by allowing excessive debt, eroding of moral principles, weakening of our defenses, and destruction of what is left of our Constitution, our future appears bleak.

We need to stop the bleeding, but first we need to change the corruption running our land.




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