Clint Eastwood Call

I got a call today. It was a recording of Clint Eastwood asking me to vote for Romney. I don’t normally appreciate political calls. I listened to Clint…twice. I tweeted this on Twitter…and found a Baptist preacher in a southern state, who also got the call.

Empty chair The YouTube Server isn’t working properly I clicked on the link at the top of the video…and it opened.

I was crying, Oprah was crying, but I haven’t cried that hard until I found out that there are 23 million people unemployed.

Now, I think it may be time for someone else to come along and solve the problem.

Someone had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City.

Why are you giving the date…sic Afghanistan…out now. Why don’t you just bring them home tomorrow morning?

Tell Romney to do what? He can’t do that to himself. You’re absolutely crazy!

You’re getting as bad as Biden!

I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to be president anyway.

Maybe it’s time for a business man…a stellar business man.

You’re an ecological man…why would you want to drive that truck around?

Going around to all these colleges…talking about student loans.

I can’t do that to myself…either!

We own this country!

Politicians are employees of ours.

When somebody does not do their job…we gotta let ‘em go.

Make my day!

Clint Eastwood