Marxists are Good at Fiscal Cliff Creation

gene tew

By Gene Tew with permission


We have to redistribute the wealth of this country through taxation.

This will probably cause unemployment, economic decline, and hunger…but I the Kenyan know what is best for we the people. Kenyans have a long standing record of destruction through Marxism. Marxism has proved to be a near Utopia in Greece, Cuba, and other places. China is prosperous…even though a lot of brutality takes place…Marxism is good. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan really didn’t improve their countries. Reagan would have been wiser to allow the Soviet Union to prosper, to keep the Berlin wall, and keep the Utopia that Lenin and Stalin created. Thatcher shouldn’t have tried to help the private sector. Putting the private sector under government control is my way…and it’s my way or the highway. The public sector is the cure all, for any nation’s ills. Michelle and I know this, and look at Michelle. She wastes the people’s money better than anyone in history…and she’s having a ball. She even tells the people how to eat. Now, that is wonderful…she is truly selfish. I’m selfish too.

My czars, the EPA, and my secret, closed administration have created tons of regulations, and the regulations are pouring out. That ought to stifle the economy, and show we the people…just who is running the show.

Christmas is coming. I don’t like that word. I prefer Ramadan…I’m familiar with it since childhood. I’ll try to give away as much as I possibly can, but the Chinese and the national debt may put a crimp in my style. Since I’m half black, I feel a sense of duty to help the Obamaphone lady. After all people like her will vote for me, because I’m able to provide freebies.

I have been a huge success. Chicago is a much better place as a result of my work there. Of course there’s a lot of shooting going on, but community organizing should help them find the Utopia that they can be. Then there is my Senate record…I was a huge success. Killing babies that survive abortions, was a major achievement. I love Planned Parenthood…they kill babies one way or another. ACORN was another product of my outstanding work in Chicago. Its unfortunate that we the people didn’t go along with their illegal activities. Thoughts about Reverend Wright…still make me sad. I really had to throw him under the bus to prevent political threats.

I’m so happy that I won the election. It proves that a president can play golf, campaign, and let others run the country. I’m especially indebted to David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett for not representing the people…and toeing the Marxist line. They didn’t handle Benghazi too well, but I’ll wiggle out of it.