Obama’s Brazilian Oil Disaster | Syrian national initiative: Figleaf for invasion?

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President Obama is harming the United States. It is pretty easy to see that he is a pipsqueek compared to China and Russia.

His offshore drilling moratorium has already cost the American economy over a billion dollars, and killed 20,000 jobs.

In November, the Obama Administration made the bizarre decision to stiff American aircraft manufacturer Hawker-Beechcraft for a billion-dollar no-bid contract to manufacture a light attack plane. The company had already spent $100 million producing a plane that met all of the Air Force’s requirements. The contract was given to a company essentially owned by the Brazilian government, Embraer, which has very little experience producing such aircraft. Hawker-Beechcraft unsuccessfully appealed to the General Accounting Office over this decision, then filed suit in federal court. Some wondered at the time whether this was a gift to win Brazil’s favor.

And when you’re looking to become an oil giant, who needs a no-growth dwarf like Barack Obama? This was all a done deal before President Downgrade began making a fool of himself in Brazil. While Obama was offering $2 billion in loan guarantees, China was giving them $10 billion loans in exchange for 10-year oil deals, and buying $5 billion chunks of Brazilian oil companies. They’re also getting leverage with Venezuela, which is getting Chinese support for joint ventures with Petrobras.

So, there will be plenty of offshore drilling going on, but it won’t be done by American companies creating American jobs and earning American dollars, and we won’t be getting the oil.


This article came from Pravda.



Assad is an Alwalite. Alwalites are Muslims that…among other things…celebrate Christmas.  They also partake of wine in religious ceremonies. There are a number of Alwalites in Turkey. Assad’s father was also an Alwalite. The Syrian rebels are The Muslim Brotherhood…among others. So, Muslims are fighting Muslims. The United States…Hillary Clinton…are on The Muslim Brotherhood’s side. Russia and Iran are on Assad’s side. The article’s theory is that Obama and Hillary are looking for a way to support The Muslim Brotherhood…with weapons..etc..