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Petition Nationalize Twinkie

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There is a petition on a White House web site…to nationalize the Twinkie Industry. The petition is a Communist idea. 1704 people signed the petition on November 16. 1704 signers… times 30 days equals 51,120…extrapolated.

Communism has not been successful in the United States prior to 2009. It looks like the Communists have their foot in the door. Communism has a dismal track record. Obama has a dismal track record. Even the state of Illinois was not a pushover for Obama in the 2012 election.  California has a dismal track record…however the citizens of California continue to vote for the people who lead them into their current state of affairs.

I was shocked to learn that Obama is not an overwhelming favorite in Illinois. Obama won only 23 out of 102 Illinois counties.

Hord is in Clay County, which cast 71 percent of its votes for Mitt Romney last week. Even though Illinois is home of the president, Obama won only 23 of our 102 counties -- 23 percent, one of the lowest proportions of any blue state. As the Southern Illinoisan noted, "President Barack Obama may have won re-election Tuesday night, but it wasn’t thanks to Southern Illinois. Of the 15 counties The Southern Illinoisan collected vote totals for, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won 13.”

But it’s the cluster of counties in southeastern Illinois, surrounding Effingham, that really disdain Obama. They’ve never voted for Obama for anything.

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Obama-More-Popular-in-Egypt-Than-Little-Egypt-179347321.html#ixzz2CVfRbTNj