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Super Star Rajinikanth Short Story About GOD must read !!!
Once in a train... A scientist was traveling , In front of him, A man younger than him was sitting,
Scientist asked the man: "What are you doing?",
The young man: I am a scientist.
Scientist: "What are you reading ?"
Young man: "Bible"
Scientist: Do you have brains ?? This is scientific world, World is traveling very fast, But you are still believing in religion, God,bible etc.... What would happen to the people if we scientists ourselves believe in these stuffs.. Don't you want to learn more ? Try to ignore these things in future, Okay, Have my visiting card with you, Get my appointment and come, If i am free, I will meet you.. We will talk...
Train reaches the station..
Both the scientist and the young scientist got down, The scientist asked the young man "I introduced about me to you, But you didn't introduce "..
The young man gives his visiting card to the scientist,
The scientist sees the card, The person is "Thomas Alva Edison"
The scientist is surprised "Sir, please give your appointment"
Thomas gives appointment and they both meet in Thomas's lab,
In the lab there was a solar system model beautifully made by Thomas,
The scientist "The model looks beautiful, Who made this, How was this made? How many days it took to make this? ?"
Thomas: I don't know, One day I opened my lab door and i found the model..
The scientist: Sir no jokes Please :-)
Thomas: I don't know, One day I opened my lab door and i found the model..
The scientist: Sir seriously I am asking please tell me..
Thomas: You are a scientist, You ppl say that suddenly one day the universe was created...Then how is not possible for this model to be created on its own ??
CREATION - *Where there is a creation, There should be a creator,
Without a creator, There is no creation, So Kadavul Irukaar
(God exists)*


creator of universe

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