Divisive and Horrible President

Obama divisive and horrible

Obama is for killing babies if they survive abortion.

Obama is for denying religious freedom...Obama ignores Catholic beliefs…that is unconstitutional.

Obama does not believe the biblical definition of marriage.

Obama is for bypassing Congress…that is unconstitutional.

Obama does not enforce laws the way Congress intended…that is unconstitutional.

Obama does not respect the US Supreme Court…He decided whether laws were constitutional…that is unconstitutional.

A person who swears to protect and defend the Constitution…but wants to change it…is not a sincere person.

Obama is a Socialist, Communist, Marxist…He took health care out of the private sector… and put it in government. Obama said, “You didn’t build that”. Obama said kind words to Occupy Wall Streeters…”You are the reason I ran for office”. Obama chose like minded people to his administration…Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett for example.

Obama has plans, if he gets reelected…flexible plans for Putin…is just one.