Another Reason omg Obama Must Go

Obama Justifies FEMA Imprisionment of civilians!!!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 14 –

The unbelievable is taking place before our very eyes. This is not a partisan report; it is a report from MSNBC. MSNBC, the home of Chris Matthews, and formerly Keith Olberman. This is not from Fox News.

This is not from Rush Limbaugh.

President Obama justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians!

vol seeded this video early this AM, but there aren’t many comments on her seed. I just became aware of it fifteen minutes ago. Maybe the word will get out as an article, better than it did as a seed. I’m hoping that there are many articles about this speech by President Obama.

I’m wondering what judicial watch, oath keepers, et cetera, are thinking about this. I may try to find out directly, meaning emailing and phone calls.

I just turned on Rush Limbaugh, and he is talking about President Obama’s Fort Bragg speech. I searched Fox News for related news…a link to this MSNBC video came up. I looked at the Drudge Report, and I didn’t see anything there.

In spite of the risk of being overlooked, I’m going to post the article.

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