Newsvine Seed | Upon Release of Martial Law Documents, The Plan For America's Destruction Becomes Apparent

barbara striesand

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   December 26, 2011  

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The seeder of this article on Newsvine appears to be a liberal. I recognize many of her friends as liberals. Apparently liberals are realizing that their own President, Democrats, US government, et cetera are not their friends, but that their goal is in fact to harm liberals. Otherwise, why would she seed this article?

Jonathon Turley’s video is linked in the article. An Obama supporter is heard in that video saying in effect, I voted for Obama, but I’m not sure I can back him. It’s no longer liberals against everyone, it’s government against citizens. The liberals are caught in a trap. The trap is: Their own liberals have turned, and are turning on the liberals as citizens.

The day will come when the traitors in Washington, led by President Obama, will issue orders to the military and police to fire on Americans and enforce Martial Law. At that point, even the most blind and ignorant people will probably come to the obvious conclusion that it is not Al-Qaeda who desires the destruction of America, but the hijacked and treasonous U.S. government.

Their own liberals are engaging in a plot to use military force to detain citizens indefinitely without trial.

My sense is that the momentum to declare marshal law is accelerating.

Your attention is needed.


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