The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

Obama chicken roost

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 18 –

The former NRLB appointee of President Obama is likely to have his butt in a sling.
See Craig Becker post on my wall.
President Obama may have to allow the pipeline, even though he isn't interested in creating jobs. He's only interested in "green" failures, like Solyndra, which only represent one third of the potential electricity market. A Harvard graduate is too dim to figure that out. We need gas, coal, nuclear, et cetera, power production, but President Obama can't figure that out.
See Senate Passes Payroll Tax Cut post on my wall.
Nancy Pelosi has escaped scrutiny...until now.
See Nancy Pelosi, Down and Dirty...post on my wall.
This is the one year anniversary of Brian Terry’s death…post on my wall. 
Our Marxist Wizard of Oz

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