To Marlee and Ethan on The Day Before Their Wedding

Hearts Aren’t Made To Break, They’re Made For Love

Marlee and Ethan



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 29, 2011 –

Marlee is my granddaughter.

Love requires:

  1. Physical attraction
  2. Sharing
  3. Tolerance
  4. Trust

Mary Ruth and I have been married 58 years. There was and is physical attraction.

I have always wanted to do well economically and socially. My goals were to share those things with Mary Ruth.

Tolerance was important in our lives. We certainly have had challenges. Tolerance was absolutely necessary to overcome those challenges.

Finally, on the matter of trust, I want to say this: As our lives evolved, we reached a point where it became necessary for Mary Ruth to have general power of attorney. She had the power to buy and sell, anything. She controlled all assets. She was free to leave at any time.

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