Downfall of Occupy Wall Street

occupy wall street new york city

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 5 –

The impression I get from this article is: The very media that is liberal, was instrumental in the downfall of Occupy Wall Street.

The copper- pooper image turned people against Occupy Wall Street.

The chanting and the content of that chanting was a turn off.

    Occupy’s most important narrative went up in smoke, and suddenly all the other pieces came together: the criminality, cult-like chanting, anti-Americanism, Marxism, anti-Semitism, sexual depravity and overall stench suddenly made perfect sense. This wasn’t some spontaneous movement generated by youthful idealism. This was the left, and this is who the left is.

This article clearly states that President Obama was a supporter of this group. I’ll add that Soros, Democrats, et cetera, hitched their wagon to the Occupy Wall Street star. Now, they all have egg on their face. Axelrod, Gibbs, and Carney’s work is cut out for them, if they are going to try to save President Obama’s face!

    By the hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands, citizen journalists took everything listed above (and more) and then went around the corrupt MSM in order to let the word go forth.

    While the mainstream media told their lies and half-truths and chose whatever context would fit their pro-Occupy narrative, within seconds, real truths were emailed, posted on Facebook pages and blogs, tweeted and re-tweeted. With lightning speed, photographs and videos told the story the MSM attempted to cover up….

    …and all of this was generated by We The People.

The Bolsheviks operated in the neighborhood of seventy years, before communism was ended in the Soviet Union. Occupy Wall Street’s Utopia didn’t even get off the ground, compared to the Bolsheviks.


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