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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 15 –

I searched for keywords: Obama American Airlines…but there wasn’t much information available. So, I concluded that President Obama is not seizing on this bankruptcy as an opportunity. I did see something about a bailout, which alarmed me.

President Obama is not following the AIG, GM, and Chrysler template, which intrigues me. Why do you think that is?

Here we have a union situation available to be exploited. Wouldn’t the American Airlines bankruptcy be an opportunity to get union voter’s votes nationwide? Isn’t this the way President Obama normally operates?

The usual President Obama and company method of operation would be to bail the company out. Wipe out investors in American Airlines. Badmouth the company executives. Put people in charge of the airline, who are Democrat campaign operatives, and have never run a business in their life. Funnel bailout money to President Obama’s 2012 campaign coffers. See if ACORN has some affiliates, who can assist in ridiculing the enemies of President Obama. Van Jones and OWS could get involved, and make it a class warfare thing: Unions versus Capitalists. Finally, American Airlines could become Obama Airlines.

Wouldn’t that be priceless!

Our country could continue to decline, with airlines being taken over by the public sector. In addition to government sponsored enterprises, student loans, auto companies, et cetera, we could have government screwed up airlines. This would fit in well with the screwed up Transportation Security Agency. We could have a screwed up government airline, with screwed up TSA employees.

Soros would be ecstatic!

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