President Obama's Osawatomie Speech was a Marxist Attack on America


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Rush doesn’t tell me what to believe. I do it my way.

I listened to President Obama’s entire speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, and it was filled with Marxism and Marxist ideas. The audience was exuberant. I didn’t hear a single boo. There were dissenting noises in President Obama’s speech about Occupy Wall Street being the reason he ran for office. I wonder whether the two different reactions were consequential or by design.

Basically, President Obama said that our traditional capitalism has been a failure, and that he, in his infinite wisdom, knows how to transform it. I kept thinking: This is the person, who gave us Solyndra, shut down Chrysler and General Motors, screwed investors, promotes unions, wants government control of private health care insurers, put student loans in the public sector,  has been visited by Andy Stern 53 times, Occupy Wall Street is the reason he ran for office, and last but not least; is recorded on video saying that he wants to transform America.

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