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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 27 –

The greatest threat to the United States, as we have known it, is President Obama. He is not a conservative capitalist. He is capable of declaring marshal law. He has been instrumental in destroying liberty in the United States, and he has signed a law, which denies the right to a trial.

If marshal law is declared, there will be no constitutional rights. There will be no legal requirements for an election in 2012.

The question that remains is: If, and when, he will make a move, and how the citizens will react.

If President Obama declares marshal law prior to the 2012 election, how will you react? Will you join the side of the citizens, or will you support the side of the government?

I’m adding a few additional words, because I’m applying for a job as an examiner. So, not only do I want to be your home schooler, I want to be your examiner. I will explain later, if I succeed.


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