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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – December 2 –

Sally, Newsvine moderator, has a seed posted about athletes drinking pickle juice.

- Seed: Meet The New Sports Drink: Pickle Juice | ThePostGame - Sally (Source: )
Pickle juice helps athletes stay hydrated, according to a new study.

I went to a boarding school in high school and the school nurse provided a mixture of whiskey, lemon, and honey for sore throats. My granddaughter is a registered nurse, and she said that honey is good for sore throats.

Last year I had a bad experience with a nyquil like product. It made me sicker. I’m guessing that the pain reliever was responsible.

At any rate, here’s the recipe for honey, whiskey, and lemon, home remedy.

Sore Throat

4 oz 120 ml water

1 ½ oz 45 ml whiskey

¾ oz 22 ml honey

1 slice lemon


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