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By Anthony-1802249

From the beginning as I’ve made a linear progression from my readings and investigating on my own and some assistance of a friend* in finding a few salient informational points.

In 1846, Hegel, a Belgian professor/philosopher wrote a thesis on the injustices of all monarchy rule as it affected the peasantry. Their unjust treatment and the disparity of wealth derived from them.

In 1848, Karl Marx, who attributed Hegel, wrote his Communist Manifesto, which Friedrich Engels edited and published in 1849. It is a book to read for an understanding of current events.

This “Manifesto” was instrumental to Nikolai Lenin to form the Bolsheviks and create the Russian Revolution as founder and first leader of the Communists.

Joseph Stalin revised the “Manifesto” to create a totalitarian state and purged all opposition.

By now, you are asking how that affects the United States.

In 1912, John L. Lewis, who proclaimed himself as an avowed communist, had organized the coal miners into a union and later formed the prestigious CIO, that later merged with the AFL for a consolidation of Union power.

In 1949, Saul Alinsky wrote a biography of Lewis and venerated him for his skills in organization. Alinsky was the organizer of the Chicago stockyards area and a professed socialist. He went on to write the book “Rules for Radicals” (1971) among other writings less known.

A familiar rule is:

  • “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Rule #5 in his rules.

He also explained, “That by putting your opponent on the defensive you will defeat their argument”

Both of these are familiar on Newsvine. As well as, “unjust treatment and disparity of wealth derived from them,” (1846) is rephrased today.

Now to the current situation,

Obama taught workshops on the Alinski method for several years teaching and organizing in Chicago in the '80s.

For over twenty years, he worked at organizing ethnic groups in protests of injustices, real or imagined. Joining a Black Church and at first mentioned his friendship with Rev. Wright, an exposed racist by investigative reporters. When that came out in the media Obama disavowed they ever discussed racism or politics at the many dinners at his home over 20 years. Obama never mentioned Rev. Wright again and the media switched the spotlight onto rev. Wright until the incident was largely forgotten.

When the Senate seat was to be vacated by the democratic incumbent, the Party selected Obama to run. In interviews on TV, he praised the "Progressive Senator" for her service and spoke of his similar progressive views.

Voted in by the largely ethic minorities of his District he did little more than vote the Party line. With only one year in the Senate, he started running for President. It is absurd not to think of his chance of a Presidency as training since College. Taught, and mentored since College to be the figurehead of a new Socialist-Democratic government. A “Poster Child”, made for/by the Unions and the Democrats. Which contributed 10s of million$ to his campaigns of “Change” and “Fixing” a broken system.

Repaying, with an $800,000 payment to ACORN from his Presidential campaign fund for voter registrations in ethnic neighborhoods, TARP to save Union jobs and their pension/insurance funds invested on Wall Street, and the takeover of GM to save the union assembly plants while eliminating the non-union ones.

Fixing Medicare to where no one is happy with it so it can be “changed” to a government healthcare mandate. Challenging "States rights" in Federal courts to enact their own legislation regarding illegal immigration and enforcements. Suing the Boeing Corporation for opening an assembly plant in a “Right-to-work” State of So. Carolina, for the strong unions in Washington State, to mandate the unions’ right to organize those workers. Directed through the democratically appointed NLRB Federal agency.

All of these things are on the internet or in books for anyone willing to look and read. These are not fabrications of any political spectrum or any media repeats. None is hearsay. It is my own analysis from many hours of reading.

* My friend “wolf wolfman” also did much research and contributed encouragements and some of the things corrected/added I missed along the way to write this summation.

Written/submitted the day before Thanksgiving in thanks to the Founders who in their time stood up to an absent Monarchy and wrote eloquently, documents giving us freedoms unlike most of the World.

[Rev. 1.]


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