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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 12 –

Greece was going to have a referendum on December 4, 2011, but it has been cancelled. Then they had a confidence vote, and the present government won. So much for Greece. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

We are going to have a quasi referendum in the United States in November 2012. At stake is whether we want the network of Soros, Occupy Wall Street, former ACORN affiliates, unions, and parasites, to manage the United States.

Soros is a parasite. He lives off the decline in the value of the dollar, and other things.

Occupy Wall Streeters are parasites, who would live off everyone else and do very little to provide for themselves. Unions are parasites, who add nothing to the economy. They just take out of the pockets of others. In the case of private sector unions, Boeing is an example. The company produces airplanes; the union lives off the company’s revenue. In the public sector; the union parasites live off tax dollars. The Occupy Wall Streeters want the 1% to provide for them. Now, the defunct ACORN affiliates are joining the OWSers.

The teacher’s unions are particularly egregious. They are not only parasites, they breed parasites through instruction in schools. Another annoying feature the teacher’s unions have is: They practice chanting and parroting slogans. If their chanting helps them in any way, I don’t see the results. Maybe no results is good!

These parasites have one thing in common: They are all Marxists.

Here’s some information about Karl Marx:

Charlie Courtois

#8.1 Hey Wolf,

Karl Marx was run out of Germany, Belgium, France, and went to England to hide. He wrote endlessly about his theories, but in the end he was a considerable failure. He lived on the fringes of poverty for some 35-40 years of his life, and I post just a few bits of his failures below:

Marx's excitement about the possibility of world revolution began to subside in 1849. The army had managed to help the Emperor of Austria return to power and attempts at uprisings in Dresden, Baden and the Rhur were quickly put down. On 9th May, 1849, Marx received news he was to be expelled from the country. The last edition of the New Rhenish Gazette appeared on 18th May and was printed in red. Marx wrote that although he was being forced to leave, his ideas would continue to be spread until the "emancipation of the working class".

Marx now went to France where he believed a socialist revolution was likely to take place at any time. However, within a month of arriving, the French police ordered him out of the capital. Only one country remained who would take him, and on 15th September he sailed for England. Soon after settling in London Jenny Marx gave birth to her fourth child. The Prussian authorities applied pressure on the British government to expel Marx but the Prime Minister, John Russell, held liberal views on freedom of expression and refused.

Marx had very few champions, and was left howling like a voice in the wilderness, as his years in this life came to an unremarkable end. Das Kapital I, and II, never proved to be true, and they remained theory's unproven and untested supported by few who were the power brokers of his time.

#8.2 - Tue Nov 8, 2011 11:41 AM EST

Will your vote, in the November 2012 quasi referendum, assist the Marxist parasites?

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