"This government is the worst, everything it touches it destroys. I want a change, I'm fed up with this," she said.

Marx painting

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 20 –

I feel the same way, that the lady quoted does, about the United States. The first article is good. The second article is better.

From update:

In Barcelona, Spaniard Juan Sanchez said he had voted for Rajoy's party because when it was last in power from 1996 to 2004 unemployment had fallen, whereas under the Socialists that figure had risen to five million.

"Hundreds of small and big businesses have closed down," Sanchez said.

In Madrid, civil servant Diana Bachiller said: "I voted for the Socialists because I am sure that if the Popular Party comes to power it is going to begin to cut everything."

Do the above quotes sound familiar?

The civil servant is still for Socialism in the midst of the failure of Socialism in Spain. Socialists are in denial. Socialists are for destruction of countries. First we had the Bolsheviks and Lenin, now, we have Socialists touting Marxism in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, et cetera. If the Socialists succeed, misery and decline will ensue, if history repeats itself.

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