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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 1 –

President Obama and the government are in charge of student loans. President Obama is a Marxist. That’s the Marxist way: Take student loans out of the private sector, and put them in the public sector. The public sector lacks competitiveness, and does a lousy job, but a Harvard educated president thinks he’s wiser than everybody, and that things should be done his way. Even if it brings about the decline of the country.

I worked many years at General Motors. I spent a good bit of time as a time study engineer there. I have written massive time study plans that existed for decades. If there is one thing that I have witnessed first hand, it is that incentives increase productivity. The backdrop for my activity was competition. We wanted to be competitive with Chrysler and their slant six engine. We wanted to out compete all the auto manufacturers, but General Motors at that time had a self destructive principle: If the union wants the front door; give it to them.

Getting back to government; how many time study engineers are there in government? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know is, as Dan Rather so wisely said, “Obama couldn’t sell watermelons on a roadside stand.” The people in government are parasites, who suck the life blood out of the private sector.

I’d like to see unions taxed. Instead of tax the rich, I’d like to see tax the unions. Maybe the destructive effects of unions on our society could be ameliorated.

Folks, we have the opportunity to become competitive. We will not be competitive as long as Marxists are in control of our government.

My vote will be for candidates, who I consider to be promoters of competition, not Marxist equality ideas.


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