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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 22 –

I was doing a routine search on Bing last night, and one of my recent posts came up in one of the results. I’m a member of Google, and lot of my work appears in Google results. I’m not a member of Bing, but I am a Facebook member, and a lot of my work shows up all over the Internet. I am a member of MSN, so, I guess that would make me a Bing member too. I can’t put my finger on specific examples, but I was surprised to see my avatar displayed and a “like” for something.

I belong to a secret group on Facebook, and make some very explicit statements there. Thank God that they don’t show up on the Internet.

I have published some email lately, and I removed my real name and my email addresses. I also removed the email addresses of others.

I published a picture of a “rock” with my real name on it, but I erased the real name from the rock in the picture.

LittleFawn created the image of Obama, which is in the screen shot. This should provide some publicity for her work, which I attributed to her. She sent an email, after it was published. I plan to use some more of her work in the future.


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