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Medicare NY 26

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 2 –

The Democrats thought they had a good thing going after Kathy Hochul’s NY-26 win. It was going to be a 2012 campaign strategy.

President Obama and the Democrats have shoved Obamacare down the throats of United States citizens. If Obamacare is declared unconstitutional, our laws, our constitution, or whatever it takes, should make takeovers of the private sector, criminal acts. If attempts are made to take over the private sector, it should be possible to try those responsible, and if convicted, the perpetrators should be put in jail.

Who went to jail for activities related to government takeover of AIG? Nobody.

Who went to jail for government takeover of part of the mortgage industry? Nobody.

If someone tries to make it possible to take over health care, by putting it in the public sector, or any other private enterprise, it should be criminal activity.

This proposal should stop Marxism in regard to private sector takeovers.

I’m against government being in the electricity business. Private enterprise is competitive, and produces superior results.

Democrats would not support this idea, because they are Marxists, or lean towards Marxism. The Tea Party would support criminalization of the takeovers in the private sector, and Republicans in general would support such laws. Therefore it is imperative to get the legislators necessary to pass the needed laws. Reelecting legislators routinely, has to stop. To keep the same legislators and expect a different result is insanity on the part of the voters. We need fresh blood in Congress.

Our country will move to the right hopefully, after the demonstration of Marxism by President Obama and the Democrats. Obamacare, a government takeover of a private sector industry, is a Marxist idea.

Not only is it a Marxist idea, it may be declared unconstitutional.

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