I Have Been Invited to Participate in Survival

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 28 –

We went to eat at our usual place last Friday. The owner sat down with us, and told us that he had been over to our place the previous week almost every day. Our car was there, but we didn’t make contact. So, he knew we were at home, and he was concerned.

He is intelligent, and he knows what is going on in the world, but he isn’t real sophisticated in his knowledge. He told us about a plan: He thinks that there may be a need for survival in, or about, 2013. He mentioned a catastrophe such as an electromagnetic pulse bombing. He said that he would have plenty of food in such an event. He would plan to use generators to power refrigeration, and he has a drilled well available for a water supply. He mentioned putting up plywood over the windows.

He invited us to come to his restaurant to live, in such an event.

He also mentioned a conversation with eight Pennsylvania State Policemen. They said that they are being trained to handle a survival situation right now. The topic discussed was, what to do, in case of marshal law. Six of the eight policemen said that they would take the side of the people, in case of an attempted government takeover, according to the restaurant owner.

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