The Newsvine Boycott

newsvine rhwenger

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 15 –

A boycott of Newsvine has been announced on Reality Check, a secret group, on Facebook. You must be a member to participate in Reality Check on Facebook.

I won’t be posting any articles on Newsvine for the next seven days, commenting there, or anything. It will be just like I died as far as Newsvine is concerned.

I had an article on Newsvine with over 400 comments. pwtenny made some remarks that I didn’t approve of, so I deleted the article today. I did the same thing to him one other time. He backed off, but he was coming on strong again today, singing the praises of OWS. I think he got the message the last time, and he got another one today. He’s an avid Marxism supporter,  as long as he supports OWS, in my way of thinking.

I will discourage people who support Marxism.

Really this boycott of Newsvine is about people who don’t like Marxists or Marxism.

I read today that the Obama administration is going to spend $1000 million on promoting Obamacare. They want a bunch of stuff for Obamacare. I have a new slogan: It’s spending stupid!

President Obama will never quit outrageous spending, or trying to rush into something. He wants the Obamacare stuff quickly, just like “Pass it Now!”. Obamacare may be declared unconstitutional, Why do we need to spend anything on it  before a decision is made?

I sure hope Boehner and company are on top of this one!

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