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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 18 –

Copy of email:

Good afternoon chouchou. Since we aren’t posting on Newsvine, I’ll post these seeded articles on my blog, which will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter. God Be With You to Guide and Protect You
From: chouchou
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 3:47 AM
To: Wolf Wolfman
Subject: RE: [goluckydonald]

Hi wolf,

I apologize for a delayed response. I am on my way to Indonesia and then Singapore. Maybe I should drop by Bali and send our greetings to our dear Leader aka First Pacific President? And by the way, Obama is fencing (words) after his visit to Australia with the communist Chinese. The communist gets irritated just about anything in their double standard world.

Over the weekend, I could set aside more time and I would visit your blog. That said, there are at least 4 articles that are super and should not go unnoticed. I am just going to drop it off with you in this email, and I will chime in later. Do whatever you want with it….but I highly recommend these four.

See you later.

chou chou


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chouchou always has excellent seeds from a world perspective.

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