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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 25 –

My son has a Chevy Volt. The retail price is $41,430. The Federal government maximum rebate is $7,500. $41,430 minus $7500 equals $33,930. The advertised price is: As Low As $31, 645, which I don't understand. There is a $1000 rebate on a charger, so that's probably part of the explanation.

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Production and Sales

Jay Leno has a Volt with over 111,000 miles on it. I don't understand:

    For starters, as of September, he had yet to fill his gas tank since December 2010, even after 10,000 miles.

Maybe it's a typo, maybe the author intended 100,000 miles. In any case, Leno could travel back and forth to work without buying gasoline.

A battery costs $8,000:

    Each Chevy Volt battery pack will have about 220 cells and cost about $8,000, as previously announced by GM.

So, $8,000 divided by 100,000 miles equals $.08 per mile.

Here's some information about electricity costs

One more thing. The country can't be passing out $7,500 gifts. 2000 Volts times $7500 equals $15 million.

Any good accountant would frown on such spending in a private company. This country has bad management.



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