The United States Can't Afford Four More Years of President Obama

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – November 5 –

    OWS activists tend to be young, naïve, and foolish, and they have no agenda. The protesters are against things like corporate greed and income inequality, and they are for fairness and taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Few if any of them have a grip on the facts.

I like to compare them with Bolsheviks. If you have watched Dr Zhivago, I could envision the United States in a situation similar to the one in that movie.

    The utopian Marxist/socialist society that President Obama and OWS activists clamor for has never existed, and it never will. Everywhere Marxism/socialism has been tried, it has failed. The reason is simple. In a nutshell, people living under Marxist/socialist regimes gravitate toward doing as little as they possibly can to get the meager benefits to which they are entitled. It happened in the Soviet Union and in China. The Soviet Union collapsed under the pressure of Marxism/socialism and is now history. Realizing that their political system was in jeopardy, leaders in China made a radical shift toward capitalism to avoid the same fate. Right now, countries throughout Europe are imploding under the crushing weight of Marxism/socialism and will fail just like the Soviet Union did if they don't change their ways. Greece gets most of the attention, but Italy, Spain, and Ireland, to name just a few, are not far behind.

I have been saying the exact same thing in some of my articles.

The following amplifies my thinking also expressed in my articles:

    Could the same thing happen in the United States? You bet it could. That's one important reason why I believe the 2012 presidential election is the most important election in our nation's history. If we don't change course now, we may seal our nation's fate and go the way of the Soviet Union. It boils down to this. You can't tax wealth-creators into oblivion and transfer their assets to the poor without disincentivizing the doers among us who are also the job-creators. That's what's happening under the Obama administration, and that's why our unemployment rate is stuck at an unacceptably high level.

    Before his death, Apple founder Steve Jobs put his finger on the problem. President Obama is anti-business. On top of that, he's an inspiration to the freeloaders among us, many of whom are OWS activists. We need a president who inspires the doers, the wealth and job creators. Barack Obama is not that person.

    As Democratic politicians led by President Obama pump up their rhetoric about "fairness" and play the class warfare game to curry favor with disaffected groups and malcontents, keep these things in mind. Our current trajectory leads to insolvency. We engage in wild-eyed deficit spending and pretend that there are no consequences, we have piled up almost $15 trillion of debt, and we are forecasting huge deficits as far as the eye can see. Things can't continue as they are. Our creditors will make sure that they don't if we fail to take action ourselves.

In the November 2012 elections, the choice will be: Marxism by Democrats, or Capitalism and Conservatism. If it is Marxism, misery will follow. If it is Capitalism and Conservatism, there will be Hope and

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