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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 26 –

The original article by rhwenger:

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10 things any "Dumbass" should Know:

1. To Reduce the Deficit, government needs to stop spending money they don't have.

2. Taxing people more and more is going to piss them off.

3. Placating nut jobs in other countries, gets you nothing and gets us angry, every time a new terrorist act occurs.

4. Calling people "Racist" because you disagree, is "Stupid" and has now made the word Meaningless.

5. Pushing a bill, you can't even answer questions on or explain, makes it a bad bill.

6. Claiming one thing in a bill, only for us to find out differently, after it's to late, makes you a liar.

7. Bailing out corporate buddies, in the name of Stimulus, as "We the People" hang in the balance, then want more and more from us, makes you the "Peoples Thief".

8. Hiring the same corporate buddies you claim to be against, as consultants, makes you no better than what you claim is bad, especially if you give them a "Peoples money" paycheck on top of the "Peoples Money" you already gave them.

9. Claiming "The Buck Stops Here" then blame everything and everyone else anyway, makes you a Hypocrite.

And my final:

10. Joe Wilson was "RIGHT".


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